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Character Education

YWIES has specially designed projects and activities to build up students’ knowledge and life and work experience. Students will learn to assume responsibilities for family, school, community and others.

Yew Wah’s character education mainly focuses on the development of values. Students gain practical skills to help them overcome ethical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural challenges. Students learn to form their own views, and understand the true meaning of doing good deeds for others.

  • 品格教育

    To Understand, Participate in and Make Contributions to Society

    Students will learn to assume responsibilities to family, school, the community and others. Every year students will have opportunities for social services such as visiting homes for the aged and orphanages.

  • 希望种子公益慈善活动

    System-Wide Seeds of Hope Charity Project

    In recognition of the Yew Wah motto, “to align with love and charity”, Seeds of Hope project is our first network-wide charity. Seeds of Hope was established after the tragic Sichuan earthquake in 2008. Through various initiatives, including the hugely successful Seeds of Hope Concert, all stakeholders throughout Yew Wah locations joined to raise funds, and the Sichuan Earthquake Educational Development (SEED) was established to help finance the restoration of the Minzhu Primary School in Anyue County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province.

    From the original SEED funds emerged the greater vision of Seeds of Hope, which grew into a partnership with the China Youth Development Foundation. This partnership has resulted in the establishment of Seeds of Hope Schools in various parts of rural China, with the goal of building one school each year.

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