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Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK

  • Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in UK

    Yew Wah has long placed strong emphasis on students’ holistic education. We not only train students in their academic skills, but also place high importance on their character development, so that they can achieve both academic and character excellence. The Somerset Yew Wah Classroom Programme is especially set up to help students further develop these qualities in a cultural environment different from their own. It is a key component of Yew Wah’s Primary and Secondary curriculum and is offered to our Grade 6, Grade 8 and Grade 10 students each academic year.

  • Since 2006, Yew Wah has established an English learning and cultural centre in the United Kingdom for total English language immersion. The first YCYW Somerset Cultural Centre is located in a traditional English village in Somerset – Sibley’s Barn. We have since developed a very close relationship with a local British school – Haygrove School, where our students are given the opportunity to engage in English language and to improve their cross-cultural understanding. In order to further enrich our programme and provide more opportunities for our students, a new campus was established in 2016, known as Knowle Hall. It is a newly redecorated Victorian-era country house, built on 15 acres of land in beautiful open parkland, situated close to our Sibley's Barn Centre. The campus is situated close to many important culture monuments, such as Bath which is a beautiful place of the Georgian era and Glastonbury with the famous abbey. Students engage in cultural exchange with local British students through group activities and social services.

  • Students will have opportunities to visit unique places of interest, such as Hinkley Point power station, Forest school and Morrisons Supermarket Distribution Centre, in order to develop students’ awareness and understanding of British history and culture, promote critical thinking, help students develop an appreciation of other viewpoints. This method of strengthening and broadening our school curriculum provides real-life learning opportunities that are not readily available in China.

    In order to equip students with higher English language skills, Yew Wah also prepares students to participate in the Trinity College London English exams. Somerset Yew Wah is also a certified Trinity College London examination centre.

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